At Kentucky Dream Homes, we have a home for everyone!

We have relationships with lenders that offer financing for any and all credit scores. There are several homes available under $300 per month on these programs. Several of these programs offer down payments as low as 5% down, or you can put up your land for the down payment!

At Kentucky Dream Homes, we have relationships with more lenders than any other dealer in the area. This means that you are much more likely to get better financing options for your new home. These financing options are normally much less than the average home rental, and in most cases much easier than a traditional site-built home loan.

We also have relationships with lenders that offer traditional site-built home loans as well. Depending on the type of home you select, will determine the type of financing options available from different lenders. At Kentucky Dream Homes we have a home for everyone, and the relationships with lenders that will help you with any type of financing you need.

Kentucky Dream Homes is also set up on the Rural Housing direct program. We are the only dealer in the area that serves this market. The Rural Housing direct program is a great government program for low income customers. This program is different than getting a Rural Housing loan through a lender, and the customer must qualify for the grant at your local Rural Housing and USDA office. We specialize in mobile home, manufactured home, and modular home insurance. We offer a full line of insurance products through our specialty insurance division. We can likely save you hundreds of dollars a year on your insurance.​

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